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Mutant Series

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In the religious culture of the myth, Persephone divides herself between day and night, everchanging lady of the cycle of seasons. She is the one who inspires our first instrument with a true double identity: nine notes on the upper part, four on the lower back. A shadowy and melancholic scale that gives a round, poignant sound, as it happens when darkness surrenders to the light.

SCALE: C Minor

Available in 432 Hz only.

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C Minor (13 notes)
C (G) (G#) C D D# F G G# C D (D#) (F)
432 Hz only
Nitrided Iron
8.8 lb
(approx) 22 Inches
(approx) 10 Inches

Color differences, strikes on the instrument needed to give the notes and any slight asymmetry are due to the hand crafted nature of the products, and not to be considered as defects.

Our Handpans are hand-crafted musical instruments, and they need to be handled with proper care.

Here are a few suggestions about how to take care of your instrument and make it a long-life companion:

  • Avoid shocks and damage.
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight.
  • Avoid contact with water or liquids in order to prevent rusting.
  • Play your Battiloro Handpan exclusively with your hands, and wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth after use.
  • In order to protect the surface, apply a lubricant oil once a month. We suggest Ballistol spray.

For any possible repairing or re-tuning, contact us.

We ship worldwide with DHL Express Shipping.

Our parcels come with international tracking service and full package insurance included. We take extra care in making the journey safe for your Battiloro Handpan, and we carefully pack each instrument with special FOAM acoustic panels, providing excellent cushioning and protection.

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