Foundation Series


Tuned in one of the most popular scales, Yin is the ideal choice for those interested in learning Handpan Music from the basics. Yin’s energy is calm and self contained. Its voice is sweet, nuanced with a subtly melancholic vibe. The sound equivalent of the Chinese feminine principle, Yin finds its natural counterpart in Yang.

SCALE: F Minor

Available in 432 Hz only.

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Moon Series


An inexhaustible generator of myths and beliefs, dreams and illusions, there has never been anyone like Luna, mysterious and impregnable. Her hidden face is her amazing strength; the resin cone under body, a real natural subwoofer, effortlessly amplifies the range of the low frequencies. Dressed in her elegant bronze, Luna is able to rule the deepest sounds, just as the celestial body does with tides.

SCALE: F2 Low Pygmy

Available in 432 Hz only.