Moon Series


An iridescent, matte silver finish characterizes the shells of Selene. Bright and mutable like the Greek goddess of the Moon, Selene’s personality is aethereal and serene, with cristalline accents hidden in the higher notes. The special Stainless Steel processing grants this instrument an exceptional resonance, for an even better sustain and outstanding performance.

SCALE: D Major

Available in 432 Hz only.

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Zen II

Tank Drum


A fun addition to our compact series, Zen II Tank Drum is our lightweight alternative on the go. Suitable for children and adults as well, it can be played both with your hands and with the two drumsticks included in the set. The upbeat D Major scale sparks joy almost instantly, making Zen II the perfect gift for any Handpan fan.

Zen II Tank Drum carrying bag and drumsticks included (diameter: 9 Inches)

SCALE: D Major

Available in 432 Hz only.